Juli's pets

Kismet (kitty), Skippy (corgi mix) and Pooka (Schipperke)-all rescued and all missed!!

Our physical address is in Von Ormy, TX where we have 5 fenced acres for the dogs to run and play, and huge enclosures for exercise and rehabilitation.

Our own pets include horses and cats — so our rescue dogs are socialized with other animals and other people, coming and going in a healthy country environment.

You may view the dogs by appointment. We try hard take a dog back should he or she not work out in your home situation, but with the amount of animals looking for homes, we may be too full. However, we will always try very hard to find another suitable adopter for any of my rescues if we cannot take the dog or cat back.
Thanks for your understanding!!!!

Please note* If you email or contact us on a Sunday, we WILL get back to you on the following Monday, ASAP. Sunday is our day to ‘recharge’ so that we can meet the demands of our Mission: Placing dogs in loving homes where pets and people get to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Is God’s Dogs Rescue a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes – as of 2015.  We have met all the requirements and have received our tax-exempt status.
Under US Tax Law, charitable gifts to qualified organizations like God’s Dog’s Rescue can reduce your taxable income and lower your tax bill. (Your tax returns must be itemized in order to claim any gifts to charities or non-profits. You must also keep written records of donations. Your records must indicate the name of the charitable organization, the date of your contribution, and the amount your contribution.)

Who is Your TX Rescue Connection ?

Your TX Rescue Connection is our sister site, a collective of dedicated rescuers working to find adoptive families in the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast/New England and Canada. We work hard to match potential adopters with the pet most suited to become a beloved part of the family, and can then arrange transport to a designated pick-up location. Please visit the website to learn more. www.yourtxrescueconnection.org


prayer kitty

“Please hear us Lord, for there are many crying out to you. Some of my furry friends are hurting, scared and being mistreated. Please wrap your loving arms around them, heal and comfort them. Please take them out of this situation and help them find good loving homes. We love and care for all of them. We just want them to be healthy and happy and very much LOVED. Please watch over each and everyone of them. Please keep them safe. ~ AMEN~

The Patrick Movement, Illinois

Numbers for 2017 as of 11/30/2017
Intake from ACS (City of San Antonio Animal Care Service) 274
Intake from other animal control facilities 87
Intake from the community 827
Number of dogs currently in God’s Dogs Rescue 391
Number of deceased/euthanized dogs 36
Number of adopted dogs 761
Live release rate 97%