Serving all over South Texas, we rescue and foster abused, abandoned and neglected dogs until they can find their “furever” homes, whether in Texas or another part of the country- even Canada! We have been “Rescuing God’s Lost Dogs” since 1995.

We are a team of incredible individuals with a passion for animals…doing the work it takes to save so many dogs that had no other chance!

A Message From Our Founder and President, Juli Marchbanks:

“I have lived all over the country during my military and civilian career, and have never seen anything like the serious stray problem that we have in San Antonio! I moved here 23 years ago and have been rescuing and rehabilitating animals since then; it is truly my God-given passion!

I have been so blessed to find so many others who are like minded about saving dogs. Together, we are a FORCE to be reckoned with! We have 100+ individuals and families volunteering their time and 50+ foster homes opening their homes to so many dogs who need that extra TLC and time.

We have started transporting dogs/pups to their forever homes, since 2014 we have adopted out and transported almost 4,000 dogs who would not be around if not for this fantastic team.”

Please visit our transport website, Your Texas Rescue Connection, for more information on transport!

Meet some of the people behind the rescue.

If you are uncomfortable with adopting a dog from out of state, here is a quick peek into the life of the dogs/pups we save here in Texas every day. We do our utmost to love, care for and find homes for the unwanted babies who cross our paths, but only YOU can give them the life they deserve!!!

HELP US………………………………… HELP THEM!!!

And thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued dog, THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!!!

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If you would like to give a dog or cat another chance, you have come to the right place!
“God is my provider and puts animals in my life to care for and adopt out; I owe Him everything!” – Juli Marchbanks


And to Juli’s “old man,” Pooka.

This site is dedicated to Juli's first rescue dog, Duchess (~1995-2010)

This site is dedicated to Juli’s first rescue dog, Duchess (~1995-2010)